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Stallions being turned out at New Park, Autumn 2007

To Add Photos To This Site

We would be happy to receive photos of any UK-registered New Forest Pony stallions, past or present, to be added to this site.  We would be especially grateful for photos of stallions not already featured here, but all photos are welcome!  If you've taken photos at a show or out on the forest and don't know the name of the stallion, send it anyway and we'll try to identify it.

Photos of young colts are acceptable, even foals, but they won't go onto the site until the colt has been licensed and has sired at least one foal.  This is to avoid having to remove a stallion if he's gelded without having any progeny.

Geldings can be included, provided that they were previously registered as stallions and have sired registered New Forest ponies or part-breds.

All photos featured on this site must be copyright-free or copyright of the person uploading them.  Professional photos will be accepted, provided that details of the photographer are given, so that permission to show them can be obtained.  If desired, the photographer can be credited on the site.

Unfortunately, since the recent updates to Photobucket, photos can no longer be uploaded to our group album. Hopefully this situation will be resolved at some point, but until then these are the ways to send photos to us:

  1. Email photos to us.  Please attach photos at their original size so that we can edit them (crop out the background), and state the name of the stallion (if known) in the email, with any other relevant information.  If you're sending photos of more than one stallion, make sure we can identify which is which, or send separate emails.  If you don't hear back from us in response, then we probably haven't received your email - please try again!
    To email photos, Click Here. If the link doesn't work for you, send them to admin (at)
  2. Facebook - upload photos to the page or send in a facebook message to the page.
  3. Post photos to us, either printed photos or photos on a CD or DVD.  Please enclose details of the stallion's name (if known) and any other relevant information, for each stallion.  Please enclose an addressed envelope for their return, if required.  If you are sending printed photos and would like to have them on a CD/DVD for uploading to your own computer, then just add a note to that effect.
    To post photos, Click Here.

Use of Photographs:  Unless otherwise stated, all photos on this website are available to download for personal use only.  Photos marked with the copyright symbol © must not be published elsewhere without obtaining permission from the copyright holder.  Any other photos may be published elsewhere (including your own website, a forum or a social networking site) but must not be altered in any way and must be identified with the full registered name of the pony.  Exclusions:  Permission is NOT granted for commercial use of any of the photos on this website, nor for use by websites which offer free graphics downloads or hotlinks, nor for use in on-line SIM game stables.

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