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Forest Run Stallions 2010

The stallions were turned out from 15 May to 13 June 2010.

Click on any of the small photos below to see a larger version.  Click on the stallion's name to see further details and more photos.

Bakeburn Benny

Bakeburn Benny   Released at Bartley
Bakeburn Jethro

Stoney Cross
Bakeburn Jethro   Released at Stoney Cross
Blackwell Flashman

Greenbury Bridge
to Whitten Pond
Blackwell Flashman   Released at Greenbury Bridge, went to Whitten Pond
Brookshill Brumby

Mill Lawn
Brookshill Brumby   Released at Mill Lawn
Brookshill Mustang

Balmer Lawn
Brookshill Mustang   Released at Balmer Lawn
Buckland Cruiser

Acres Down
Buckland Cruiser   Released at Acres Down
Farriers Rambler

Ipley / Culverley
Farriers Rambler   Released at Ipley / Culverley, removed 1st June
Furzey Lodge Zennica

Furzey Lodge Zennica   Released at Broomy
Hatchett Sunseeker

Denny to Beaulieu Road
Hatchett Sunseeker   Released at Denny, went to Beaulieu Road
Hedge Hopper

Park Shore to East Boldre
Hedge Hopper   Released at Park Shore, went to East Boldre (removed 2nd June)
Limekiln Endeavour

Linford to Bratley
Limekiln Endeavour   Released at Linford, went to Bratley
Lovelyhill Cranborne Heights

Wilverley to Whitefield Moor
Lovelyhill Cranborne Heights   Released at Wilverley, went to Whitefield Moor
Lovelyhill Hendrix

Blackfield to Hilltop
Lovelyhill Hendrix   Released at Blackfield, went to Hilltop
Lovelyhill High-Jack

Bramshaw Golf Course
to JanesmoorPond
Lovelyhill High-Jack   Released at Bramshaw Golf Course, went to Janesmoor Pond
Lovelyhill Uplift

Ashley Walk to Telegraph
Lovelyhill Uplift   Released at Ashley Walk, went to Telegraph
Matley Crusader

Setley to Sway
Matley Crusader   Released at Setley, went to Sway (removed 2nd June)
Moortown Nobby

Moortown Nobby   Released at Ashurst
New Copse Fiddler

Dibden Bottom
New Copse Fiddler   Released at Dibden Bottom
Oke Dene President

Green Pond / Sloden to
Longcross / Claypits
Oke Dene President   Released at Green Pond / Sloden, went to Longcross / Claypits
Oke Dene Red Alert

Penn Common
Oke Dene Red Alert   Released at Penn Common
Pilley Prince William

Pilley Prince William   Released at Backley
Pondhead Pan-Shine

Whitefield Moor
Pondhead Pan-Shine   Released at Whitefield Moor
Portmore Tempest

Beaulieu Aerodrome
Portmore Tempest   Released at Beaulieu Aerodrome
Portmore Thunder Cloud

Hale / Turf Hill
Portmore Thunder Cloud   Released at Hale / Turf Hill
Rushmoor Playwright

Rushmoor Playwright   Released at Longdown

Ocknell / Withybeds
Skywalker   Released at Ocknell / Withybeds
Woodfidley Top Gun

Black Knowl
Woodfidley Top Gun   Released at Black Knowl

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