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A Collection of Photographs

Stallions at New Park is a collection of photographs of New Forest pony stallions, past and present.  The ponies featured on this website were all bred in the United Kingdom and registered as stallions with the New Forest Pony Breeding and Cattle Society, or with the National Pony Society for the older stallions.  However, stallions from other countries may be included at some point in the future.

The site was created because everybody who buys a New Forest pony wants to know what its parents looked like.  Mares are more difficult to find, because it's often only the owners who can identify a forest run mare, but photographs of stallions are more likely to be available.  As more photos are added, this website will become the first port of call for anyone searching for a picture of a particular stallion.

Permission is NOT granted for commercial use of any of the photos on this website, nor for use by websites which offer free graphics downloads or hotlinks, nor for use in on-line SIM game stables.  However, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this website are available to download for personal use only.  Photos marked with the copyright symbol © must not be published elsewhere.  Any other photos may be published elsewhere (including your own website, a forum or a social networking site) but must not be altered in any way and must be identified with the full registered name of the pony.

A Work In Progress

This site is a continual work in progress!  More stallions and photos are being added, but it's a big job.  Please keep checking the site, as we have a large backlog of photos to put on and more photos are being donated all the time.

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The photographs on this site have mostly been taken by amateur photographers, who have kindly made them available to  Donations of photographs are most welcome, especially of stallions that do not currently appear on the site.  We would also be grateful for photos of the dams of stallions.  Please click on the Add New Photo link above to find out how you can send photos to us.

Be aware that the photos on this site are mainly amateur snaps, so may not be of the highest quality.  However, even a blurred photo may show a particular aspect of the stallion that can't be seen elsewhere, so all photos are welcome!  There have been a couple of instances where stallion owners have asked for photos to be removed, as they considered them unflattering.  Those photos have not been removed as the purpose of the site is not to advertise the stallions, but to show how they look to people who have never seen them and are probably never likely to see them.  Everyone knows that some photos are flattering and some aren't, but somebody who just wants to see the colour and markings of their pony's sire really isn't too worried about that.  Send more photos and the good ones will outweigh the bad.

There are also some professional photos on the site and these have been shown with the permission of the original photographer, where we have been able to make contact.  If any photos on this site are shown without permission of the copyright holder, then it has not been done with fraudulent intent and we will remove any photos that are found to infringe copyright - contact us via the forum or the Facebook page.

Note that, where possible, we try to keep the photos of each stallion in chronological order by date photographed, with the most recent photos first.  Hence when new photos are added, they will not necessarily be at the beginning or end, but will be inserted where we think they belong!

Pony Colour

Please be aware that the colour as listed refers to the outward appearance of the pony and not to its genetic make-up. In particular, the colour traditionally known as 'dun' in the New Forest pony is usually caused by the presence of the cream gene, and these ponies should really be described as 'buckskin'. However, because the term 'dun' is still in common use, it will continue to be used on this site. There is no intention to mislead - anyone breeding from a dun New Forest should be aware of the possibility of getting a palomino, cremello or other dilute colour, depending on which genes are passed to the foal from each parent.


The 'pedigree' links are to and we have endeavoured to ensure that any missing stallions have been added to that site.  However, it is possible that some have been overlooked, in which case clicking on the pedigree link may give a 'not found' message.  Please inform us via the forum if you find any that are missing.  Also, please be aware that because anybody can create or amend details on, the pedigrees may not be entirely accurate.

Forest Run Stallions

The Forest Run Stallions lists since 2005 have been added to the site, so that people can check where the dam of their pony is/was likely to be running.  Where possible, the page for each of the more recent forest run stallions shows the actual years that he ran the forest.  Where it shows 'Forest Run: yes', this means that the stallion was forest run at some point in his life; it doesn't mean that he is running the forest currently.

Performance Tested Stallions

Information about the performance grading status of individual stallions has been added to the site.  Performance Grade Testing of New Forest ponies was organised by the New Forest Pony and Cattle Breeding Society from 2002 until 2015 and was open to stallions, mares and geldings.  A stallion was classed as a Performance Tested Stallion when he had passed both Dressage Grade 1 Test and Showjumping Grade 1 Test.  The available grades were 1-4 with grade 4 being the highest.  Prior to that scheme, a Performance Tested Stallion was one which had passed the One-Day Performance Test which was held by the breed society between 1993 and 1998.  There are no available records of any performance testing of stallions before 1993.

The breed society last held a Performance Grading Day in September 2015. Since then the "performance tested stallion" status no longer exists. Dressage Grading continues, but by submission of dressage sheets and/or British Dressage Competition record. Showjumping grading has ended. Eventing Grading can be achieved by submission of British Eventing Foundation Points.

For further information about performance grading, please visit the NFPB&CS website.

NFPPG DVD of Forest-Run Stallions

The New Forest Pony Publicity Group have produced a DVD of Forest-Run Stallions 2004-2005.  This is a wonderful opportunity to see the stallions running with their mares on the forest - the next best thing to seeing them in real life!!  It also shows them at the Stallion Passing and at the Breed Show.

For further details and to order the DVD, click here.

Photos at the Top

The photos at the top of the page are extracts from a video taken at New Park in September 2007, when the stallions were being turned out for the winter.  The stallions featured are: Furzey Lodge Zennica (grey), Furzey Lodge Benjamin (roan), Pilley Prince William (black) and Mallards Wood Gigolo (bay).  Click to watch the video:


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